Antique Uzbek Shakhrisabz Ruidjo Suzani / 5'4"x8'/ 164x245cm


Antique Uzbek Shakhrisabz Ruidjo Suzani / 5'4"x8'/ 164x245cm


Such subtle, delicately drawn motifs belies the great funkiness and variety in their coloring and vivid life. Look closely and really relish the detailing pinpoints in black and white outlining the floral motifs, and the woven bands as borders outlining the sections of the piece. Both supremely delicate and excellently vibrant. This piece was perhaps originally a ruidjo, or wedding bedcover.

This piece would be exquisite mounted and hung as a piece of unique antique art.

Suzani - from the Persian word for "needle" - is the term used for a range of hand-embroidered covers and hangings from Uzbekistan. Originally made for a newly-married couple's household by the bride and her relatives, they are now fabulous for a variety of uses and design applications.

These pieces were made as part of the dowry and as such were prized possessions. But they have age, which is part of their extreme beauty. Our pieces are offered as the best of their categories in terms of artistry and condition. All are sold as-is.

Type: Hand-embroidered suzani in silk on silk
Size: 5'4" x 8' / 164x245cm
Material: silk on silk
Approximate age: 100 years
Origin: Central Asia - Uzbekistan - Shakhrisabz

In excellent condition. Small flaws commensurate with age.
Specialty clean.

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