Antique Tashkent Suzani / 6'6"x7'11"/ 200x242cm


Antique Tashkent Suzani / 6'6"x7'11"/ 200x242cm


Fantastic, heart-breakingly beautiful Tashkent suzani with silk embroidery entirely covering the surface. Six warm magenta rosettes glow, set off with their slim yellow and black outlines, the minimum of alternating color to maximize this design's effect. A tour de force. Wonderful hand and weight. Excellent condition.

Suzani - from the Persian word for "needle" - is the term used for a range of hand-embroidered covers and hangings from Uzbekistan. Originally made for a newly-married couple's household by the bride and her relatives, they are now fabulous for a variety of uses and design applications.

These pieces were made as part of the dowry and as such were prized possessions. But they have age, which is part of their extreme beauty. Our pieces are offered as the best of their categories in terms of artistry and condition. All are sold as-is.

This piece has fine, tight silk embroidery on cotton ground. 

Type: Suzani hand embroidery
Size: 6'6" x 7'11" / 200x242cm
Material: silk on cotton
Approximate age: 100+ years
Origin: Central Asia - Uzbekistan - Tashkent

Specialty clean.

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